Family Law

Alison’s primary area of practice is Family Law. When people are going through an emotional experience such as a divorce or custody case, they need level-headed guidance to navigate them through the process.


Alison can provide you with sound legal advice to protect your property and assets. If you have children involved in the divorce, it is her primary goal to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for them. She is prepared to advocate for you regarding any custody, child support, visitation, maintenance (alimony) or property issue.


Alison handles numerous custody cases all through the state of Kentucky. She has an aggressive approach to gain the evidence and resources needed to win your case, including hiring outside experts, and is dedicated to staying up-to- date on all the most recent case law to better assist you with your case.


Alison has a strong passion for adoption cases. There is nothing more rewarding than making sure a child has a safe, loving home. Whether it is an independent adoption, foster care adoption or step-parent adoption, Alison has experience to assist you through the process.

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