Criminal Law

Alison knows that people often find themselves at odds with the legal system before they know it. When individuals are faced with criminal charges, they want a knowledgeable, compassionate person to help guide them through the judicial system.

Alison represents clients faced with DUI, drug-related and other criminal charges. She will examine every aspect of your case to make sure all of the proper procedures were followed by law enforcement for traffic stops, warrants and arrests. She will thoroughly evaluate your case and research to find the best defenses possible. She will also advise you as to the maximum fine, sentence or other penalty for your charge so you can make an educated determination on how to proceed. Alison is dedicated to ensuring her clients receive justice through the legal system and will work hard to help you receive the best outcome possible.

Alison can also assist individuals in having criminal convictions expunged from their record. Alison knows that too often people’s past mistakes prevent them from getting the jobs that they are qualified for or participating in other activities they desire to be involved in. She can help you file the documentation necessary to get certain convictions expunged from your record.

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Certain changes in the law in June 2016 make it easier to get misdemeanors expunged and even allows now for several felonies to be expunged.

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