Estate Planning


Alison understands the importance of planning for the future. Individuals want to make sure their loved ones are cared for in the event of their untimely death. She has discovered that too often people forego getting wills simply because they find themselves overwhelmed with the decisions they must face to create this legal instrument. Alison will take the time to meet with you individually to strategically plan for how your property and assets will be distributed during such an event and draft a will that is best for you.

Living Wills

Alison can also help prepare living wills to be used in the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is hospitalized and the decision must be made whether to take life-sustaining measures. She understands how intimidating making these crucial decisions can be. She can clarify questions you may have to help you make the decision that best suits your needs.

Power of Attorney

Alison can also help you draft a power of attorney which is a legal instrument that gives authorization for another individual to handle your business, personal and financial affairs.


Alison can also prepare deeds, which are legal instruments that transfer property from one party to another.

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